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McPark Trail

Along West Fork River from Shinnston to Fairmont in Harrison and Marion Counties, WV

The McPark Trail, also called McTrail, will provide a critical part of the link between the Mon River Trail in the Morgantown area and the West Fork River Trail leading west from Fairmont.  When complete, the trail will be 2.5 miles long, including a 1200-foot lighted tunnel near the south end. At present, 1.5 miles is finished in cinders and gravel, reminding us of the C&O Canal Towpath surface. Both ends, including the tunnel, are currently unfinished

McPark Trail

Location                                                                                               <<??>> Township, , Marion County

Trailheads                                                                                                               Prickett's Fort State Park

Length, Surface                                            2.5 miles planned, 1.5 miles complete, cinders and gravel

Character                                                                                   Uncrowded, rural, sunny and shady, level

Usage restrictions                                                                                                       No motorized vehicles

Amenities                                                                                                                             Rest rooms, water

Driving time from Pittsburgh                                                                            1 hours 50 minutes south

Extensions of the ride

There is supposed to be a 3.6-mile marked road route connecting the south end of this trail with the north end of the West Fork River Trail, which runs southwest from Fairmont to Shinston. However, we can't find all the markings, and the markings we can find put us on a route with hills and traffic.

Development plans

Plans call for this to be a segment of a trail system that connects the Youghiogheny River Trail in Pennsylvania with Morgantown, Clarksburg, and Parkersburg WV. This system will incorporate the existing McTrail, Harrison County, and North Bend trails plus the Caperton Trail now under development and connections between these.

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin headed south on I79 to Fairmont WV. To reach this point from Pittsburgh, go south on I79 into West Virginia.

Prickett's Fort trailhead:  <<this is for Fairmont; fix for the park.>> Leave I79 at Exit 137 headed north on WV310. Follow WV310 for 1.8 miles. Just after crossing the Monongahela River, turn south (left) on US250. Follow US250 for 1 mile and turn right on Country Club Rd. Follow Country Club Rd for 0.9 miles to the shopping center for Shop-and-Save, Big Lots, and 84 Lumber on the left side of the road. Find inoffensive parking. Leave the shopping center on Edgeway Dr, to the right of the drive-through bank as you face the shopping center from the road. Follow Edgeway Dr for 0.3 mile, looking for a gate on the right. Go around the gate and down a steep gravel path for 0.1 mile. At the bottom of the hill, jog left to pick up the trail where it dead-ends at a chain link fence.


Rest rooms, water: At Prickett's Fort State Park

Bike shop, rentals: none

Restaurant, groceries: In and near Fairmont, but not close to the Park

Camping, simple lodging: Motels in Fairmont

Swimming, fishing: Fishing access and beach at Prickett's Fort State Park <<check swimming>>

Winter sports: Cross-country skiing.

Wheelchair access: Rough surface, 32" gate.

Trail organization

Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission
PO Box 1258
316 Monroe St
Fairmont WV 26554
(304) 363-7037

<<What about Harrison County rail-trail group?>>

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: Shinnston, Fairmont West <<check>>.


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