Current Draft of FreeWheeling Easy

The Oct 2018 volume NE covers the collection of trails that are Northeast of Pittsburgh. Primarily the trails that are in the Allegheny and Kisi River basin, including the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail. You can order it at our order page, or  support your local bike shop or from

Trail  info  Published  Trail Name linked to trail website   last Updated  |  Trail  info  Published  Trail Name linked to trail website  last Updated 
map       911 Trail - Garrett  2014-10-01  |        Mercer County Trail  2019-09-05 
map   write-up    Airport Connector  2019-05-01  |    write-up    Metro Parks Bike and Hike Trail (to Kent and Stow OH)  1990-01-01 
map   write-up    Allegheny Highlands Trail (PA)  2021-07-01  |  map   write-up    Mill Creek Farm Spur  2021-10-01 
map   write-up  yes  Allegheny River Trail  2017-07-01  |  map   write-up    Mon River Trail (Star City to State line)  2008-08-01 
map       Allegheny River Trail in Clarion Country  2017-07-01  |  map   write-up    Mon Yough Trail  2021-08-01 
map   website    Armburst School Trail    |  map   write-up    Montour Trail  2020-07-01 
map   write-up  yes  Armstrong Trail  2022-03-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Moraine State Park (Lake Arthur) Bike Trail  2015-09-01 
map       Armstrong-Kayak Spur    |  map   write-up    Mountain Maryland   
map   write-up  yes  Bayfront Trail  2015-10-01  |  map       Mt Jewlett to Kinzua Bridge  2018-05-01 
map       Beaver River Rails to Trails  2011-10-01  |    write-up    North Bend Rail-Trail  1990-01-01 
map   write-up  yes  Blairsville RIver Trail  2022-06-01  |    write-up    Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail  1990-01-01 
map   write-up    Brooke Pioneer, Yankee Trail  2014-12-01  |  map       Ohio River Trail   
map   write-up    Browns Run Rails to Trails  2022-06-01  |  map       Ohiopyle State Park  2019-09-23 
map   write-up  yes  Butler-Freeport Community Trail  2022-08-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Oil Creek State Park Trail  2021-08-01 
map   write-up    Buzzard Swamp  2002-01-01  |  map       one way routes of Oil City   
map   write-up  yes  Chautauqua Rails to Trails  2010-08-01  |  map   write-up    Panhandle Trail  2012-06-01 
  write-up    Cheat Haven Trail  1980-11-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Path of Flood Trail  2018-05-01 
map       Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath  2018-03-16  |  map       Pittsburgh - Oakland Area  1990-01-01 
map       Clarion Highlands Trail  2014-10-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Presque Isle State Park Bikepath  2015-10-01 
map   write-up  yes  Clarion-Little Toby Bike and Hike Trail  2014-10-01  |        PW&S Railroad Bike Trail  2002-01-01 
map   write-up    Clearfield to Grampian Trail  2002-01-01  |  map   write-up    Pymatuning State Park Trail  1990-01-01 
map   write-up    Coal and Coke Trail  2021-05-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Queen City Trail  2022-03-01 
map   write-up  yes  Corry Junction Greenway Trail  2018-07-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Rail 66 Trail  2018-04-01 
map   write-up    Deckers Creek  2009-04-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Redbank Valley Trail  2017-05-01 
map       Duck Hollow Trail  2020-08-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Roaring Run Trail  2017-08-01 
map   write-up  yes  East Branch Trail  2018-04-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Samuel Justus Recreational Trail  2017-03-01 
  write-up    Emerald Necklace  1990-01-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Sandy Creek Trail  2019-08-01 
map     yes  Erie Pittsburgh Trail in Allegheny County  2018-05-01  |  map   write-up    Sheepskin Rail-Trail (Dunbar section)  2018-06-01 
map   write-up    Ernst Bicycle Trail  1990-01-01  |  map   write-up    Sheepskin Rail-Trail (Port Marion section)  2018-06-01 
map   website    Five Star Trail  2023-12-01  |  map       Sheepskin Rail-Trail (uniontown section)  2008-12-01 
      Forbes State Forest, Mountain Streams II Trail System  2002-01-01  |    write-up    Shenango River Trail  1990-01-01 
map   write-up  yes  Ghost Town Trail  2017-07-01  |  map   write-up  yes  Sligo Spur  2017-05-01 
  write-up    Glendale - Moundsville Trail  1980-11-01  |  map   write-up    Stavich Bicycle Trail  2021-03-01 
map   write-up  yes  Great Lakes Seaway Trail, NY  2010-08-01  |  map   write-up    Steel Valley Trail  2020-05-01 
map   write-up  yes  Great Lakes Seaway Trail, PA  2010-08-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail Allegheny Rv - southeast shore  2018-05-01 
map   write-up    Great Shamokin Path  2017-05-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail Chateau  2018-05-01 
map   write-up    Greene River Trail  2022-07-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail GAP section  2018-05-01 
map       Greenville - Jamestown Trail  1999-01-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail North Shore  2018-05-01 
map       Harmony Trail  1980-01-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail Other  2018-05-01 
map       Hazelwod Green  1990-01-01  |  map       Three Rivers Heritage Trail South SHore  2018-05-01 
map   write-up  yes  Hoodlebug Trail  2017-09-01  |  map   website    Treadway Riverfront Trail  2024-01-01 
      Houtzdale Line Trail  2002-01-01  |  map   write-up    Trout Island Trail  1990-01-01 
      Indian Creek Valley Hiking and Biking Trail  2002-01-01  |  map       Troyer Trail  1980-11-01 
      James Mayer Riverwalk Trail  2010-06-01  |  map       Versilles Loop  1990-01-01 
      Kellettville to Nebraska Trace  1998-10-31  |  map   write-up  yes  Warren - North Warren Trail  2015-09-01 
map   write-up    Lake Wilhelm Trail  2022-07-01  |  map   write-up    West Fork River Trail  2019-10-01 
map   write-up    Little Beaver Creek Greenway  2016-10-01  |  map   write-up  yes  West Penn Trail  2017-09-01 
  write-up    Lower Trail (Juniata River Corridor)  1995-12-01  |        Western Maryland Rail Trail  2002-01-01 
map   write-up  yes  Mahoning Shadow Trail  2018-07-01  |  map   write-up    Western Reserve Greenway  1980-11-01 
  write-up    Marion County Trail/McTrail  2019-11-01  |  map       Westland Branch (Montour Trail)  1980-11-01 
map   website    McCane Spur of Tredway Riverfront Park    |  map   write-up  yes  Westmoreland Heritage Trail  2021-05-01 
map   write-up  yes  McClintock Trail  2017-03-01  |  map   write-up    Wheeling Heritage Trails  2016-12-01 
map       Mckeesport Trail    |  map   write-up    Yougheny Trail South Section  2022-05-01