McClintock Emelenton Ride

A Longer Ride along the McClintock, Samual Justus, and Allegheny River Trails.

This route of about 38 miles covers half of the McClintock trail and all of the Samuel Justus and Allegheny River trail. It runs from about 2 miles north of Oil City to Emlenton. The first 1.8 miles are a rail with trail. The trail is right next to the tracks and is separated by a 4-foot fence. The next 1.8 miles is through the town of Oil City on city streets. The following 34 miles is all off-road riding, with the river on one side and farmland or hill on the other, with the occasional summer cottage settlement and two unlighted tunnels (Bring your light).

The Sandy Creek Trail crosses above the Allegheny trail on the Belmar Bridge. Steps lead up to the 15 mile trail for an out and back trip of 30 miles.

A sample 3 day Itinerary would be to drive to Franklin in the morning, ride the 11 miles to McClintock Well #1 and return to Franklin and stay overnight (22-mile day). Next day ride 6 miles south to the Sandy Creek Trail. Do as much of it as you want and return to Franklin(a 12 to 42-mile day). The third day, drive to Belmar and go south toward Emlenton and return to Belmar (a 44-mile day or less).

If willing to do 3.2 miles of narrow, hilly State Park road with a short 16% grade hill and 1.6 miles of packed dirt road, one could extend the trip by starting in Titusville using the queen City Trail and the Oil Creek State Park Trail.

Titusville to Emlenton

Section Type  Mileage 
Good trail surface   17.6 
Signed trail on road    8.0 
Total Miles   25.6 
Ridable Miles road, open  100% Source