If you like to bicycle but you don’t like to ride in automobile traffic or on rough, steep, undeveloped tracks, these trails are for you. They are: easy to ride or walk, off-limits to automobile traffic, reasonably level

Depending on their history, these routes are variously called rail-trails, bike paths, greenways, towpaths, and linear parks. Some are paved, some dirt or crushed stone; a few have short excursions onto roads with very little (and very slow) traffic. All are suitable for touring bikes with medium to wide tires and for hybrid or mountain bikes. They provide opportunities for short family outings and for multi-day touring. If you like to walk on wide smooth gentle paths, you will also enjoy them.

Book Status

After a long hiatus, a portion of FreeWheeling Easy returns to print with fresh information on the enormous trail progress over the past several years. The trail system has grown substantially, and the challenge of describing the progress is correspondingly more daunting. Because of the growth, we are issuing the book in several parts. This first part, at 240 pages, is almost two and a half times the size of the original edition (1995) which covered the entire region!.

The Oct 2018 volume NE covers the collection of trails that are Northeast of Pittsburgh. Primarily the trails that are in the Allegheny and Kisi River basin, including the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail. You can order it at our order page, or  from amazon.com.

As always with a print edition about trails, which are constantly being developed, there maybe some information that is out of date or incorrect. Trail builders just keep building trails. This web site will have the latest draft of the Guide. It is draft so the image resolution is not great. If you see some errors, or know of additional information, feel free to use the feedback form.

Long Distance Riding – Greater Than 50 miles

So you have ridden the GAP/C&O trail(About 330 miles), both ways and are no looking for some other multi-day rides.
May we suggest some. These typically have one long segment and several side trails, so you might want to consider doing an out and back ride.