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4th edition, north and east

Roy Weil and Mary Shaw

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After a long hiatus, FreeWheeling Easy returns to print with fresh information on the enormous trail progress over the past several years. The trail system has grown substantially, and the challenge of describing the progress is correspondingly more daunting. Because of the growth, we are issuing the book in several parts. "This first part, at 240 pages, is almost two and a half times the size of the original edition (1995) which covered the entire region!.

This (Volume NE) covers the collection of trails that are Northeast of Pittsburgh. Primarily the trails that are in the Allegheny and Kisi River basin, including the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.

We saw the book on the presses 27 Sep 2018, should be available first week of October.. If you fill in the name and address below, we will send you a copy hot off the press, along with an invoice. The price will be $23 (18.95 +4.05 tax, shipping and handling). Or you can order it from

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We also offer a wholesale discount of 40% for orders of 10 or more copies going to the same address. Use the bulk order form or call.

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