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Trout Island Trail

Sharpsville to Shenango River Reservoir in Mercer Counties

This recreational trail will run from Sharpsville to Orangeville along the abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad and Erie Railroad lines. It will be an 8′ wide blacktop surface and will cross two railroad trestles over the Shenango Reservoir.

2.5 miles of the planned 13 mile trail are now open. Approximately 2 miles are asphalt pavement with a short .5 mile section of unimproved gravel in the middle section.

Trout Island Trail

Location [[Sharpsville to Orangeville, Mercer County

Trailheads Sharpsville

Length, Surface 2.5 miles total, 2 miles paved, 0.5 packed crushed stone

Character [[Uncrowded, wooded, flat]]

Usage restrictions [[chose from No motorized vehicles, No horses,
Snowmobiles permitted, No Snowmobiles]]

Amenities none

Driving time from Pittsburgh 1 hour 20 minutes N

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[[[Vocabulary for surface: paved, packed crushed stone, crush cinders, some segments on road, on road, on road shoulder, dirt, gravel, coarse gravel, small gravel, original ballast, packed ballast, heavy ballast, tar-and-chip double-track, single-track, undeveloped (and combinations); possibly add parallel treadway for horses/buggies/xxx

Various qualifiers: mostly, some ]]].

[[[Vocabulary for busy-ness: little-used, uncrowded, uncrowded to busy, busy, busy to crowded, crowded; possibly modified by usually or sometimes; if on road or shoulder, say auto traffic]]].

[[[Vocabulary for setting: wooded, rural, suburban, residential, urban, industrial, park setting; also xxx to yyy, or mixed xxx and yyyy]]].

[[[Vocabulary for sun: (mostly) sunny, (mostly) shady, mixed sun and shade]]].

[[[Vocabulary for profile: flat, mostly flat, flat with gentle grade, flat to rolling, gently rolling, some hills, hilly, rugged; options for % of grade, exceptions; also, find “level” and replace with “flat”, short steep hills at road crossings]]].

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Local history, attractions

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Extensions of the ride

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Development plans

There is available 13 miles of trail right of way, of which 2.5miles is open. The project will be completed in phases as funding becomes available. A possible future section could also link to Transf

Access Points

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Rest rooms, water: [[[find]]]

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Restaurant, groceries: [[[find]]]

Camping, simple lodging: [[[find]]]

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Winter sports: [[[find]]]

Wheelchair access: [[[find]]].


Mercer County Trails Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 1553

Hermitage, PA 16148

Phone: 724-704-0432

USGS Topographic Maps:


Text version from 2002 edition. Conditions will have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 1/1990.