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Tredway Riverfront Park

Along the Allegheny River from Lower Burrell to Kiskiminetas River junction in Westmoreland County

The Tredway Riverfront Park is along the Allegheny River in the Northwest corner of Westmoreland County. For 5.5 miles it is a former railroad grade. 3.9 miles of crushed limestone surface and 1.6 miles of hiking/mountain biking trail.

Tredway Riverfront Park

Location northwest corner of Westmoreland County

Trailheads Lower Burrell, Garver Ferry Road

Length, Surface 5.5 miles total, 3.9 crushed limestone, 1.6 Unfinished

Character Shady, Isolated

Usage restrictions No motor vehicles

Amenities None

Driving time from Pittsburgh 35 minutes Northeast

The trail begins in the small town of Breaburn across the river from Natrona. It is an isolated limestone trail at this point on a bench about 40 feet above river level, with the magnificent views up and down the river on one side, and a 300-foot cliff on the other side. About mile 2.3 , just past a marina, the trail continues on limestone surface that was placed in 2019. Here the trail moves away from the river and there is a road and some very nice homes between the trail and the river. On the land side there are glimpse of the River Forest Country Club Golf course. 1.6 miles later under the Freeport bridge at trailhead parking the limestone surface ends. It goes for another 1.6 miles to the junction of the Kiskiminetas and the Allegheny Rivers. The township has plans to develop a park at this juncture.

Local history, attractions

The section of trail from Breaburn to Garver Ferry Road was originally created with a gift from Clara and Wynn and was named the Clara and Wynn Tredway Trail.

River Forest is a development with a country club on top and homes along the river. The intent was to sell lots along the stretch of land from the Freeport bridge to the Kiskiminetas, but it turned out not to be economically feasible. The number of possible lots would not support the infrastructure nor the necessary utilities, so the township got a grant to purchase the trail from the developer.

Extensions of the ride

The northern connection to the IHTC Pittsburgh to Harrisburg corridor will travel up the Kiskiminetas River to Apollo. A northern connection to the Pittsburgh to Eire Trail was originally to cross the Kiskiminetas River and connect to the Allegheny River Trail (in the Northeast volume of this guide) in Schenley. However, the section from Schenley to Rosston was un-railbanked and taken over by a coal mine eliminating the trail in this section. The mine eventually closed and in August 2022 the trail group reclaimed the railroad corridor. See Development Plans.

The southern Connection to the Erie to Pittsburgh crosses the SR366 bridge and connects with the Three Rivers Heritage Trail on the west/north side of the Allegheny.

At the Freeport Bridge, the road climbs the hill to the bridge and connects with the Butler Freeport Community Trail at the top of the hill at the south end of the bridge.

From the junction of the Kiskiminetas, one can follow an old road for a least 2.3 miles on the south side of the Kiski towards Leechburg. We have not yet explored it further, but it looks like ATVs are using the road, so we suspect it will connect to Leechburg.

Development plans

The township has a grant to surface the Tredway trail from the Freeport bridge to the Kiskiminetas Bridge. This should occur in the summer of 2022. They have also let a contract to log the area near the Kiski Bridge to develop a township park.

The Armstrong trail group hopes to put surface on the Schenley to Rosston section of the trail in October. Crossing the Kiskiminetas River on the existing railroad bridge is estimated to be completed in 2023 (forward looking statement). The connection to the Armstrong Trail that is not yet settled is crossing the active Norfolk Southern railroad which is between the Kiski bridge and the Tredway Trail.

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin on PA 28 headed north from Pittsburgh.

Lower Burrell trailhead: Take PA 28 to the Tarentum/New Kensington Exit (exit 14). Exit east bound on PA 366. In about a mile you will cross the Tarentum Bridge. From the end of the bridge go 0.6 miles to Leechburg Road and turn left/east on Leechburg Road In about a mile Leechburg Road will bend right at Edgecliff Road. Take the left hand turn onto Edgecliff Road. Go 0.8 miles and turn left at the Tee to stay on Edgecliff Road where Garver Ferry Road starts on the right. Bear right when Edgecliff road gets to the river and changes name to Lowe Road. Follow Lowe Road along the river, past the lock and dam. Stay on Lowe road when it bends right away from the river where straight is “No Outlet”. About a block after the bend turn left on Arnold, just after the fire station. Just past Boggs Street, continue to follow the road (now deteriorating) as it bends left then right past a garage. Continue on this unpromising road past some trailers and docks for about a half mile. There you will see a sign for the trail head and parking.

Freeport Bridge Trailhead: Take PA28 to the Freeport/Millerstown exit #16. Turn right/east at the end of the ramp. Go 0.6 miles to the tee and turn left/northwest onto Freeport Rd. Go 0.7 miles and turn right/south across the Freeport bridge. Go 0.6 miles and shortly after crossing the bridge take a right/southwest onto River Landing Drive. Go 50 feet and take another right to go downhill along side the bridge. Continue downhill to the trailhead parking lot.

Garver Ferry Road Trailhead: Take PA 28 to the Tarentum/New Kensington Exit (exit 14). Exit east bound on PA 366. In about a mile you will cross the Tarentum Bridge. From the end of the bridge go 0.6 miles to Leechburg Road and turn left/east on Leechburg Road In about a mile Leechburg Road will bend right at Edgecliff Road. Take the left hand turn onto Edgecliff Road. Go 0.8 miles and turn right at the Tee onto Garver Ferry Road. Go about 0.3 miles and bear left where Wildlife Lodge Road comes in from the right. In about 4 miles turn left onto McCane Hollow Road. There is a trail sign on the left, however it is pointed the opposite direction from your travel and is therefore easy to miss. The intersection is a short distance up the hill as you begin to climb out of a dip in the road. The trailhead is about 0.1 miles down McCane Road. There is space for only 2 or 3 cars at the trail head, so you may want to park along McCane Road, shortly after the turn off. Be careful not to block or clutter up any driveways, access roads or gates. This gate is the only way for an emergency vehicle to get access to the trail.


Rest rooms, water: None at the trail heads, An SST along the trail 1.5 miles from Lower Burrell or 1 mile from Garver Ferry Road Trailhead.

Bike shop, rentals: Gattos in Tarentum

Restaurant, groceries: none along the trail. Along Leechburg Road on the way to the trailhead

Camping, simple lodging: None

Swimming, fishing: There are the remains of several summer camps along the River, which could give you access to the river.

Winter sports: Cross-Country skiing.

Wheelchair access: The trail down from Garver Ferry Road is quite steep dropping 300 feet in 0.4 miles.

Trail organization

Allegheny Township, Westmoreland County
136 Community Building Road
Leechburg, PA 15656
Phone: 724-842-4641
Fax: 724-845-9290

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: New Kensington East, Freeport


Text version of 5 Aug 2022 based on personal observation while bicycling Breaburn to the Kiskiminetas bridge 8/2022, Biking from Kiskiminetas River junction for 2.3 miles along the south side of the Kiski River . 8/2022. Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 8/2022.

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