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Warren County Bike Hike Trail

Along Conewango Ck from Warren to North Warren in Warren

The Warren County Bike Hike Trail provides off-road access between the northern edge of Warren and the commercial area of North Warren, then north past Warren State Hospital. Following the path of the former Allegheny RR, the trail’s southern half is rural, and the northern half is urban.

The trail begins at the northern edge of Warren, at the northern end of East St, between US62 and the western shore of Conewango Ck. It is paved with wide shoulders. Near the trailhead, the highway and railroad grade are squeezed between the end of the ridge and the river. The highway here is 30–40 feet above the trail, so the road noise is not intrusive. The creek is close at hand, with visible riffles, islands, and ducks. After a quarter-mile the highway swings away, and houses appear beside the trail.

Warren County Bike Hike Trail

Location Warren to North Warren, Warren County

Trailheads Warren, North Warren

Length, Surface 2.7 miles paved

Character Busy, urban, sunny and shady, level

Usage restrictions No motorized vehicles

Amenities Food, lodging

Driving time from Pittsburgh 2 hours 50 minutes northeast

After three-quarters of a mile of relative isolation, the trail emerges in the commercial area of North Warren. A trailside restaurant, followed quickly by a road crossing, marks the change. The trail soon parallels US62, separated by a few feet of grass. Stores along the highway include grocery stores and restaurants. Wetmore Cemetery, with headstones dating back to the 1830’s, provides a brief change of scenery. Stone benches offer resting spots.

Just before Jackson Run Rd there is another trailside restaurant. Across Jackson Run Rd, a group of soccer fields and the Warren State Hospital grounds occupy the right side of the trail, and some big box stores and the usual collection of fast food restaurants fill the left side, across busy US62. The trail ends about 1 mile after Jackson Run Rd alongside the forestry service arboretum at N State St.

Local history, attractions

The City of Warren is rich in history, with beautiful architecture and registered historic properties. The founding fathers have preserved an abundance of public parks, some of which provide river access, throughout the city. The downtown center, having recently gone through a number of improvements and enhancements, provides an inviting location to get something to eat or drink and take a break.

Extensions of the ride

The Walkable Warren Initiative has designated and signed routes from the south end of the trail to downtown and some of the public parks. Pedestrians should use sidewalks; bicyclists should use the roads, including some surprisingly busy roads. Five strategically located kiosks help to enhance the journey by providing a glimpse into the rich history of the area.

Development Plans

There are plans to extend the trail north for about 11 miles. All but one property is available. However, funds may expire. The trail organization hopes to someday reach Chautauqua Lake which is 20 miles northwest.

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin in Warren at the interchange where US62 goes north on Ludlow St and US6 goes east. To reach this point from Pittsburgh, follow I79 to I80, turn north on PA8 to US62, then continue on US62 to Warren.

Warren (southern) trailhead: From the intersection of US62 and US6 take the US62 North/Ludlow exit. Go 0.3 miles to the “T” and turn right/east on Pennsylvania Av. Go 1.0 miles and take a left fork on to Third Av. Go 0.5 miles and turn left/north on East St. Go 0.5 miles to the end and trailhead parking.

North Warren (northern) trailhead: From the intersection of US62 and US6 take the US62 North/Ludlow exit. Follow US62 for 5 miles and shortly after Warren State Hospital take a sharp right/south on N State St. Go 0.2 miles to the Dept of Environmental Protection parking lot, turn into the lot, and follow signs to trail parking.


Rest rooms, water: Chemical toilets at the soccer fields in season.

Bike shop, rentals: Warren Bike Shop, Allegheny Outfitters.

Restaurant, groceries: Along US62 in North Warren, two with trailside tables.

Camping, simple lodging: In Warren.

Swimming, fishing: None.

Winter sports: Cross-country skiing.

Wheelchair access: Gates all measure 44” or wider.

Trail organization

Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission
207 W Fifth Av
Warren, PA 16365

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: Warren, Russell.


Text version of 2 Jul 2018 based on personal observation while bicycling Warren to North Warren 9/2015, discussions with civic leaders 9/2015. Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 9/2015.