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Upper Monongahela (Duck Hollow) Trail

This riverside trail runs in splendid isolation from the fishing area near the small village of Duck Hollow to the Glenwood Bridge. The trail is developed on a “paper street” that has long been owned by the City of Pittsburgh but has never developed before.

Unfortuniately a water main break occurred in 2018 and the trail has a 50 foot section that has been washed out. People have made dirt paths around this, but they are not easy.

The Duck Hollow fishing area is at a former barge dock adjacent to trailhead parking. A mile down the trail you’ll pass the remains of a conveyer loading system. A quarter-mile beyond those remains you’ll go under a railroad bridge, and a quarter-mile beyond that the trail dead ends, with no road access, just before the Glenwood Bridge.

In the trail’s 1.5 miles you get views across the river to the gantry crane at the Waterfront and Sandcastle Waterpark.

Duck Hollow Trail

Location Along Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County

Trailheads Duck Hollow

Length, Surface 1.5 miles, asphalt

Character Little-used, wooded, shady, flat

Usage restrictions No motorized vehicles; no snowmobiles; no horses

Amenities Fishing

Driving time from Pittsburgh 15 minutes

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin on PA837, the Green Belt, on the south side of the Monongahela River at the end of the Glenwood Bridge southeast of downtown Pittsburgh.

Duck Hollow: Go southeast on PA837 from the Glenwood Bridge. In Homestead, turn left onto the Homestead High Level Bridge. After crossing the bridge, take the first right, on Old Browns Hill Rd 0.1 mile north of the bridge. Follow Old Browns Hill Rd for 0.4 mi. When you go under the RR bridge, turn right and park.


Rest rooms, water: None.

Bike shop, rental: Many bike shops in the area, but none adjacent to the trail.

Restaurant, groceries: On Brown’s Hill Rd, near the road down to the trailhead.

Camping, simple lodging: None.

Swimming, fishing: The trailhead is a popular fishing spot. The water is unappealing for swimming.

Winter sports: XC skiing. No snowmobiles.

Wheelchair access: Generally good.

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: Pittsburgh East.

Yvonne Merrill, AE Richardson, and Mary Shaw, Great Little Walks: A guide to walks on the Great Allegheny Passage and connecting trails in the Pittsburgh Area identifies some particularly nice walks on the trail system. Great Allegheny Press, 2003.


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