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Corry Junction Greenway Trail

From Clymer in Chautauqua County NY to Corry in Erie County PA

The Corry Junction Greenway Trail follows Brokenstraw Ck from Clymer NY to Corry PA on the route of the former Penn Central RR. The trail was finished 10 foot wide in crushed limestone with asphalt ramps at road crossings. Unfortunately the trail has not been maintained, and much of it has become two-track with a grass hump in the middle. The older section from Hereford Rd to Plank Rd has areas where the surface has washed away, leaving a rocky surface and deep sand. At this time (2018) the trail remains suitable for mountain bikes, but it no longer provides the trail experience of a rail trail. This trail is part of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail (page NE-16).

The completed trail runs from MP5.0, which is located about 1.4 miles south of Clymer, to MP0.0 on Route 426 just outside of Corry. An additional 0.8 miles is not yet developed from the current (2018) north end to Randell Rd. We describe the trail north to south as part of the Erie to the Pittsburgh Trail, although for day trips it will probably be ridden from the trailheads at the southern end.

Corry Junction Greenway Trail

Location Clymer NY to Corry PA, Chautauqua County NY and Erie County PA

Trailheads Plastics Rd, Hereford Rd

Length, Surface 6.6 miles total (5.0 crushed limestone, 0.8 dirt two-track, 0.8 planned)

Character Little-used, wooded, mostly shady, flat

Usage restrictions No motorized vehicles, snowmobiles permitted, horses permitted

Amenities Food, groceries, lodging

Driving time from Pittsburgh 2 hours 25 minutes north

The first 0.8 miles (MP5.8 to MP5.0) is grass over packed, two-track dirt. About half of this section is between the edge of the woods and wide-open farmland, while the other half has woods on the left and farmland separated from the trail by a narrow strip of trees on the right. A mountain bike is appropriate for this section. At a dirt road (MP5.0), the trail changes to a two-track crushed limestone path (2018). At MP4.8 the trail crosses the state line. From there it travels mostly in the woods, with the road a short distance above on the right and the creek and wetlands on the left. Plank Rd (MP4.0) crosses the trail diagonally, using a short stretch of shoulder to enable a straight across crossing. South of Plank Rd to Hereford Rd the trail is a deteriorated crushed limestone path, very rocky and bumpy. At Simmons Rd (MP3.3), paved ramps lead up to the road crossing where a former road bridge has been replaced by an embankment. At MP2.7 a swamp is just off the trail to the right. From Simmons Rd to Hereford (MP1.2) the trail is mostly in the woods.

From Hereford to MP0.0 the trail is again a two-track crushed limestone path (2018). South of Hereford a narrow strip of trees separates the trail from farmland on both sides. At MP0.7 the dugout of a ball field is adjacent to the trail. If a game is in progress, there are likely to be spectators, lawn chairs, kid, and pets on or near the trail. After the ball field, the trail jogs to the right/southwest into the woods to avoid an industrial parking lot and access road. The trail emerges from the woods at Plastics Rd (MP0.5). At Plastics Rd, the grass field on the right is a parking lot associated with a large soccer field. The trail turns left/east as it emerges and follows the shoulder for about 75 feet to enable a straight across crossing, using the faded crosswalk markings. The bike path follows along the shoulder for about 300 feet more, then ducks back into the woods to the end.

Local history, attractions

Tamarack Swamp in State Game Lands #197 is about 4–5 miles east. This is a National Natural Landmark, and it is unusual in that the northeastern section is a bog (it gets its acidic water from precipitation) but the southwestern section is a fen (wetland with alkaline groundwater as a source). From the Mill Rd crossing (MP5.7) head east via Mill Rd (which becomes Factory Rd, then Hudson Rd) and north on Alder Bottom Rd. Take a map, a compass, binoculars, and high rubber boots to explore off road.

Extensions of the ride

The next segment to the north along the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is the Chautauqua Rails to Trails system (page NE-41) about 11–12 miles away at Sherman. The route is a hilly, on-road connection described on page NE-44.

The next segment to the south along the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail is the East Branch Trail (page NE-51) near Spartansburg. The route is about 8 or 9 miles away and is not yet developed.

Development plans

At this time (2018) there is no active trail group maintaining the trail. The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail alliance is looking for someone to take over maintenance and extensions.

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin eastbound on US6, at its intersection with PA426, on the north side of Corry. To reach this point from Pittsburgh head north on I79, take exit 147A (Meadville), follow US322 for 1.6 miles to a fork with Park Av. Continue straight on Park Av when US322 forks to the left. Go 0.9 miles to North St and turn right/east on PA27/North St and go two blocks. Turn left/northeast on PA77/State St. Follow PA77 for about 30 miles to Corry and at the intersection with PA426 turn left/north on PA426. Go 0.5 miles to the intersection with US6.

Hereford Rd: From the US6/PA426 intersection, turn left/north on PA426 and go about 0.3 miles to Sciota Rd (not St). Turn right/northeast on Sciota Rd and go about 1.1 miles to Hereford Rd. Turn right/east and go about 0.1 miles to the trail parking on the left.

Plastics Rd trailhead: From the US6/PA426 intersection, turn left/north on PA426 and go about 0.4 miles to Sciota Rd (not St). Turn right/northeast on Sciota Rd and go about 0.3 miles to Plastics Rd. Turn right/east on Plastics Rd. Just before crossing the trail, and a road intersection turn right into a big grassy field and park. This is the parking area for the soccer fields.

Corry (southern) trailhead: MP0.0. From the US6/PA426 intersection, turn left/north on PA426 and go a 500 feet to the trailhead.


Rest rooms, water: restrooms, water seasonal at Mead Park.

Bike shop, rentals: None.

Restaurant, groceries: In Corry.

Camping, simple lodging: In Corry.

Swimming, fishing: None.

Winter sports: The Tri-County Snowmobile group helps to maintain the trail and uses it in season.

Wheelchair access: The gate just south of Plank Rd completely blocks the trail surface.

Trail organization

Corry Junction Trail

Northwest Pennsylvania Trail Assn

PO Box 9401

Erie, PA 16505

Maps, guides, other references

Brief description of Tamarack Swap:

USGS Topographic Maps: North Clymer NY, Columbus, Corry.


Text version of 10 Jul 2018 based on personal observation while bicycling Corry to MP5.2 7/2018, MP5.2 to Clymer MP5.8 4/2015. Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 7/2018.