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Coal and Coke Trail

Mt Pleasant to Scottdale to Tarrs in Westmoreland County

The Coal and Coke trail will run for more than 5 miles from Willow Park in Mt Pleasant to Kendi Park in Scottdale, mostly along Jacob’s Creek. It will follow the former route of the Scottsdale Branch of the Pennsylvania RR. The trail will incorporate the existing short Jacob’s Creek Recreational Trail that now runs along Jacobs Creek from Staffer Run to Mt Pleasant Rd, and it will connect with the Five Star Trail at Scottdale.

Coal and Coke Trail

Location Mt Pleasant to Scottdale in Westmoreland County

Trailheads Wilow park, Kendi

Length, Surface Unknown lengh, surface, << Unknown lengh, surface >>

Character Uncrowded, shady, wooded, flat with

Usage restrictions No motorized vehicles, no horses


Driving time from Pittsburgh 1 hour southeast

There are two canoe access in on Jacobs Creek. One in Kendai park at the west end of the current (2019) trail and the second about 1one mail further downstrean at the Garfield Park Little League Field

Extensions of the ride

<< need extension>>

Development plans

Missing a bridge to extend the trail further down stream for about a mile.<< find other plans>>

Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin headed West one road.


Rest rooms, water: Chemical toilets by the baseball fields in the park.

Bike shop, rentals: None.

Restaurant, groceries: .

Camping, simple lodging: None.

Swimming, fishing: Tubing from Kendi Park to Garfield Park Little League Field.

Winter sports: None.

Wheelchair access: okay, although there is serval road crossings.

Trail organization

Coal and Coke Trail Chapter of the Regional Trail Corporation
PO Box 360
Scottdale, PA 15683

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: << topot >>.


Text version of 13 Dec 2019 based on bicycleing the entire trail 7/2008. Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 7/2008.