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Airport Connector Trail

From Five Points to Airport in Allegheny County

The Airport connecter runs 9 miles from the Five Points intersection in Enlow PA to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Airport Connector Trail

Location Enlow FivePoints intersection to the Pittsburgh Airport

Trailheads Enlow, Imperial, Cliton, Airport

Length, Surface 6.4 miles total, 1.4 asphalt milings, 7.6 asphalt

Character Uncrowded, rural, sunny, short hills

Usage restrictions No motorized vehicles

Amenities None

Driving time from Pittsburgh 30 minutes

Starting at the five ponts intersection in enlow, head away from the trail wirh thr former gas station on your left. This is a dead end road serving a nuber of houses. There will be some neighborhood traffic. After 0.8 miles the gated road ahead is dirt, anf there is a gated paved roaf to the left. Ignore the “airport no entry” signs and belive the “bicylist can go around gate” sign. Once pass the gate the road is rough asphalt for 1.4 miles to the trunoff for the FAA training facility. Contniue past the trun off on spmooth asphalt for 3.5 miles to McClasin Rd << more text heres>>

Extensions of the ride

A 9-mile loop on lightly-traveled roads begins at trail mile 8 and returns to the trail at mile 11.5. Follow the signs for the Airport Connector for about 4.3 miles to the stop sign on SR3089 (Moon-Clinton Rd). Turn left on SR3089 rather than following the right turn to the airport. and go a block to the highway department maintenance yard on the left. Just before SR3089 starts uphill, turn left, pass the maintenance yard, and turn right on a narrow residential road. Follow this road up the hill to the intersection with US30 and SR3089 at Clinton. Cross US30 and continue on SR3089 (now called Washington Rd). Just past the post office take the left fork down the hill to stay on SR3089 with light traffic. Follow SR3089 (1.7 miles downhill!) to a stop sign at SR3071 (Potato Garden Rd). Turn left on SR3071, follow rolling hills 2.5 miles to SR3070 (Boggs Rd) and turn left again. This intersection is not obvious—you’ll cross a bridge toward the BFI Imperial Sanitary Landfill. Soon after the turn, go straight into the Montour Trail at the parking lot (mile 11.5) just as the road starts left up a small hill. << Check road loop MP8 to MP11.5>>

Development plans


Access points

Vicinity: Directions begin at the interchange of I279/US22/US30 (Parkway West) with I79. To reach this point from Pittsburgh, go west on I279/US22/US30 (Parkway West).

Enlow five points trailhead): At the.

Enlow five points trailhead): At the.

Enlow five points trailhead): At the.

Pitsburgh International Airport trailhead): At the.


Rest rooms, water: Seasonal chemical toilets at Enlow trailhead: rest rooms inside the terminal builfing, water fountaun at the Enlow Trailhead

Bike shop, rental: None

Restaurant, groceries: Restaurants in the terminal building

Camping, simple lodging: None.

Swimming, fishing: None.

Winter sports: XC skiing. No snowmobiles.

Wheelchair access: Generally good.

Trail organization

Montour Trail Association
<< get address>>

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: Enlow << check>>


Text version of 01 Jul 2021 based on personal observation while bicycling Enlow to McClasin Rd 7.2021, McClasin Rd to Airport 5/2019. Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 5/2019.