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Mary Shaw and Roy Weil

Freewheeling Easy, the book
September 2001

Canoeing in western PA
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Stuff You See Along The Way

Everyone knows about Roger Tory Peterson's field guides to the birds, bees, and flowers. We offer for your entertainment a variety of guides to the more unusual things you may see.

Riding through residential neighborhoods, you've noticed that the houses aren't all alike. Which ones are Colonial, which are Victorian, which are Craftsman? A Field Guide to American Houses. Order it from

OK, so there aren't any houses where you are, just fields. Fields full of cows. Jerseys, Guernseys, Shorthorns, Anguses, so many cows: A Field Guide to Cows describes identifying marks and economic significance of breeds found, even rarely, in the US. We wish that it had color pictures instead of line drawings. Order it from

On the road, there's a messy smear. What do you supposed it used to be? Flattened Fauna : A Field Guide to Common Animals of Roads, Streets, and Highways is a wonderful spoof of field guides. Sample from the quick key for identification: "More than 12 times longer than broad; no legs or other appendages: see snake". Order it from

Going too fast to stop and read the roadside historical markers? Full text provided by the Guide to the State Historical Markers of Pennsylvania. Order it from

Did you know that there are 7 distinct types of covered bridges in Pennsylvania? We use Susan Zacher's Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania : A Guide. Order it from An alternative, which we haven't used, is Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges : A Complere Guide. Order it from

Ever wondered what is in those tank trucks zipping past you on the highway? Look for the diamond shaped hazardous material placard with the 4 digit number. Not obvious? Well, you can probably figure out from the oil-company logo that 1203 is gasoline, gasohol, petrol or other motor fuel. It is not quite so obvious that 1365 is wet cotton and 1360 is 2,5dimethyl-2,5-d:(3,5,5-trimethylhexanoylperoxy)hexane. It is all there in the Emergency Response Guidebook, including what to do about it when it spills. Order it from

Some of these routes have been transportation corridors for hundreds of years. Indian Paths of Pennsylvania identifies the routes of major paths and describes how to follow them as closely as possible on modern roads. Order it from

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As always we have made a serious effort to present accurate descriptions.  However we are human, trails change with time, and we occasionally receive incorrect information.  Therefore we can not be responsible for discrepancies between these descriptions and actual trail conditions.   Use common sense, judgment and be careful out there.