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FreeWheeling Easy: the Guidebook


Mary Shaw and Roy Weil

Freewheeling Easy, the book
September 2001

Canoeing in western PA
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FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania

New! September 2001!  Third Edition Reprint with Update!

Now up to 284 pages! Nine more trails!  Five more maps!
Updates to 19 other trails!

Within western Pennsylvania or an easy drive into nearby areas, you will find dozens of recreational trails that are closed to motor vehicles and that are graded and surfaced for easy bicycling, walking, and similar activities. FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania is a guidebook to over 46 such easy traffic-free bicycling and walking trails in Pennsylvania west of US219 and nearby states. For each trail it provides a description, map, directions to trailheads, and information on local amenities.

Selections from the book appear in the trail description section of this site.

We have reprinted the existing third edition and added 24 pages of revisions at the back on blue paper.  The material in the 24 pages of updates can be viewed at or purchased as a pamphlet at your local bike shop for $2.00.  

Ordering information

FreeWheeling Easy is currently out of print. Some copies may be available in western Pennsylvania bike shops, outdoor stores, and bookstores for $13.95+tax. The 24 page Supplement is also available for $2.00 at many of the same places.  If you can't find it there, try the used books on, or send us an e-mail and we will notify you when the next edition is available: 

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As always we have made a serious effort to present accurate descriptions.  However we are human, trails change with time, and we occasionally receive incorrect information.  Therefore we can not be responsible for discrepancies between these descriptions and actual trail conditions.   Use common sense, judgment and be careful out there.