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Services near Ford City (Armstrong MP 39.65 to 42.10) on Armstrong Trail map

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Restaurants/Groceries Web Sites/review ratingsMilepost Dist from MP
Edit Falsetti's Villa Restaurant (Website 02/19)  1563 Ford City Rd Kittanning (724) 763-2266  web, google 4.6, tripadvisor 4.0 Armstrong MP 40.1  1.8 mi W 
       Trailhead Ford CityArmstrong MP 40.2  
Edit Sheetz Ford City (Website 07/19)  410 Main St  Ford City (724) 954-3804  web, google 4.1 Armstrong MP 40.2  0.8 mi ENE 
Edit New House Of Hunan Chinese Restaurant (Unverified)  502 Main St  Ford City (724) 763-3312  google 3.9 Armstrong MP 40.2  0.8 mi ENE 
Edit Subway Restaurants - Ford City (Unverified)  402 Main St  Ford City (724) 763-2020  web, google 3.8 Armstrong MP 40.2  0.8 mi ENE 
Edit Rite Aid - Ford City (Unverified)  838 5th Ave  Ford City (724) 763-4260  web, google 2.5 Armstrong MP 40.8  0.3 mi E 
Edit Klingensmith's Drugstore (Website 02/19)  313 Ford St  Ford City (724) 763-1201  web, google 3.7 Armstrong MP 41.0  0.1 mi ENE 
Edit Family Dollar - Ford City (Website 02/19)  1132 3rd Ave Ford City (724) 763-9785  web, google 4.1 Armstrong MP 41.1  0.2 mi NE 
Edit The Pizzaria (Website 02/19)  509 11th St Ford City (724) 763-2401  web, google 4.7, facebook 4.9 Armstrong MP 41.1  0.3 mi E 
Edit 10th Street Station Reception (Unverified)  301 10th St  Ford City (724) 763-4221  google 4.4 Armstrong MP 41.1  243 ft ESE 
Note 1: The phrase in parenthises after the place name has the following meaning. The date is the month/year that the phrase was in affect/entered.
  • (Unverified) - means that the data was extracted from Google maps or some business directory, and no secondary source has been accessed to verify that the data is accurate. For example: some of the lodging may be apartments.
  • (Website) - means some non-google website was visited and the place seems to exists. Typically this is the owner's own site, or a recent facebook, twitter, or trip advisor update/review.
  • (Local) - means that a reliable source has informed us the place still exists.
  • (Visit) - means that someone has been on the premises and actually seen the place.
Note 2: the number following the web link is the review rating
Note 3: Because they are so ephemeral and unregulated, lodging like Air B & Bs and Warm Showers are not listed on these pages.

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