Beaver River Rail to Trail Bike Path

Along the Beaver River in Beaver Falls in Allegheny County

The trail goes along the Beaver River in Beaver Falls. This is a very short (1.5 miles) trail with about half paved bikeway (0.7 miles) and half back streets (0.8 miles). The streets are mostly residential with very little traffic.

Starting at the 11th Street trail head with the ball field on the right the trail proceeds through 7 blocks of abandoned industrial area where all the buildings have been removed.

At 17th street jog one block east and pick up 2nd Ave for a block. Here the paved bikeway starts at 18th Street. This is a grassy swath with the river about 200 feet on the right, and residences about 100 feet away on the left.

At the 23rd street trailhead, the trail resumes on residential roads. Go one block to 24th street, turn left and go one block to 7th Ave. Turn right on 7th and go three blocks and follow it around the curve. The 27th street trailhead will be on the right. Pick up the paved bikeway here. The trail here is wooded with a small cliff on the left and an industrial building on the right. The trail dead ends with the only access point being the 27th street trailhead.

Beaver River Rail to Trail Bike Path

Location                                                                                                                                       Beaver Falls

Trailheads                                                                                                         11th, 18th, 23rd, 27th Streets

Length, Surface                                                            1.5 miles total; 0.7 miles paved, 0.8 city streets
Character                                                                   uncrowded, residential, mixed sun and shade, flat,

Character   Uncrowded, wooded, shady, definite grade

Usage restrictions                                                                              No motorized vehicles, No horses,
Amenities                                                                                                                Rest rooms, water, food

Driving time from Pittsburgh                                                                                       55 minutes north

Local history, attractions

[[[find.  Check for Important Bird Areas, historic Indian Trails, major landmarks]]].        

Extensions of the ride
Development plans

Plans are to extend the trail north through Big Beaver and Koppel Boroughs to the Lawrence County line

Plans are to extend the trail south for 3.5 miles to connect to the future Ohio River Trail along the Ohio River.

Access points

Vicinity: Directions on SR18 in Beaver Falls. To reach this point from Pittsburgh, go north on I279 for 11 miles. Merge onto I79 north and continue north for 6 miles to the turnpike entrance. Take exit 77 (Turnpike) and go west towards Ohio for 16.5 miles. Take exit 13 and merge onto PA18 South toward Beaver Falls.

An alternative for those living west of Pittsburgh is to take I376 North to exit XX in Beaver. Go east on SR68 for 2.5 miles. Follow signs for PA18 North and proceed 3 miles north to Beaver Falls.

In Beaver Falls the streets are laid out in a grid pattern. Avenues go north/south; Streets go east west.

11th street trailhead: Head east for 11 blocks to the end at the ball field. Turn left and park

18th street trailhead: Head east for 5 blocks to the end. Park along the street. The trail starts out at the intersection

23th street trailhead: Head east for 1 block to the end. Park along the street. The trail starts at the intersection

27th street trailhead: Head east for about 2/3rd of a block. The trailhead is on the left. The trail  exits out the back of the parking lot.


Rest rooms, water: Rest rooms and drinking water are available at ball field at the 11th Street trail head.

Bike shop, rentals: Snitger's Bicycle Store, 399 3rd St, Beaver, PA

Restaurant, groceries: a number of restaurants are along 7th and 8th Avenue. There is a Foodland and Save A Lot in the southern end of Beaver Falls.

Camping, simple lodging: Several hotels/motels in Beaver Falls

Swimming, fishing: In the Beaver River

Winter sports: None

Wheelchair access: OK

Trail organization

Beaver Rails to Trails Association
PO Box 345
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
(724) 312-7810

Maps, guides, other references

USGS Topographic Maps: Beaver Falls


Text version of 15 Dec 2011 based on personal observation while bicycling Sep 2011; Conditions may have changed; you are responsible for your own safety. Oldest segment check 10/2011.